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Our full service for event branding and setup covers everything from banners, backdrops, photo-walls, flags, stands, custom elements and more.

We’ve been doing it for more than 12 years with global and local brands in Dubai & UAE. Our clients have stayed with us because we are focused on consistent customer service, quality and delivery.

We work with brands as well as event management agencies everywhere in Dubai & UAE. Let us take care of your next event. Event management agencies.

Event Branding Services

Printing, Production, Installation

Backdrops & Photo-walls

Backdrops & photo-walls are essential branding elements in any event. They can be used for photo backgrounds, to display new products, make announcements, as stage backdrops or simply to show brand logos. 

Our backdrops and photo-walls can be any size from 2×2 meter to many meters wide and high. 

Conor Birthday Backdrop
Birthday Backdrop
Fabric With Aluminium Frame
Fabric Backdrop
BAS Mall - Stage Backdrop
Samsung - Event Photo-wall
Samsung Pay Photo wall
Samsung Pay - Photo wall
Symrise Event Backdrop
Symrise- Event Backdrop
Marouan & Maysoun Backdrops
Birthday Backdrops
Fabric With Aluminium Frame 2
Fabric Backdrop
Jack Clark Outdoor Backdrop
Outdoor Backdrop
Samsung Pay Backdrops
Samsung Pay - Backdrops
L'Occitane Event Backdrop
L'Occitane - Event Backdrop
Ferrari Event Backdrop
Ferrari - Event Backdrop

Promotion Stands

We design, produce and install promotion stands for our clients or working with event management and advertising agencies. 

We can print and produce all items including the stands, promotional materials and custom elements.

L'Occitane - 86 Launch
Al Tadawi Medical Centre - DXB Airport Activation
Al Tadawi Medical Centre - DXB Airport Activation
LUX* - Outdoor Activation
LUX* - Outdoor Activation
Thomson Reuters Portable Activation Stand
Thomson Reuters - Portable Activation Stand
Retail Activation Stand with Sticker
L'Occitane - Retail Activation Stand
Style Star Search - City Center Deira
Style Star Search - City Center Deira
L'Occitane Portable Hand Massage Stand
L'Occitane - Portable Hand Massage Stand

Flags & Banners

Flags and banners can be placed all over the event venue to really bring your event to life. Banners can be stretched and hung from massive walls for maximum branding effect. Flags are usually placed at the entrance of events to make a great first impression.

Ferrari Event Flag
Ferrari - Event Flag
VIVA Event Hanging Banner
VIVA - Event Hanging Banner
Ferrari Outdoor Banners
Ferrari - Outdoor Banners
MBC Event Hanging Banner
MBC - Event Banner
Budweiser Backdrop Banner
Budweiser - Backdrop Banner

Event Signage

Event signage throughout the event and in areas leading up to the event can be very helpful for attendees.

Event signage can be standalone like, pylons, or attached to a wall or window.

Tobelerone Signs with Sticker
Crown Cup - Tobelerone Signs
MBC Event Entrance Signs
MBC Event Entrance Signs
Pylon Signs with Sticker
Samsung - Event Pylon Sign
Delmonte Pylon Sign
Delmonte - Pylon Sign
BAS Mall - Window Signage
Ferrari Event Signage
Ferrari - Event Signage
Pylon Signs with Sticker
Samsung - Event Pylon Signs

Custom Elements

Custom event branding elements can take an event WOW factor to a higher level. These can be anything from small promotional items to large installations or visuals.

VIVA - Life-size Logo
VIVA - Life-size Logo
HELLO! Table Branding
HELLO! - Table Branding
Event Stand Branding
Custom Photo Element
HELLO! Life-size Logo
HELLO! - Life-size Logo
Samsung - Phone Photo Element
Samsung - Phone Photo Element

Pop-up Banners

Pop-up banners are great for small events. They come in many sizes from 2 meters to 5 meters. An optional hard case can double as a promoter table and can be branded as well. 

Pop-up banners are portable and can fit in a small car once collapsed and placed into the carrying case. They can be re-used many times and setup by the client without any special technical knowledge.

Curved 4x3 Pop Up - Branded hard case
4x3 Pop-up Banner with Branded Hard Case
3x3 Straight Pop-up Banner
3x3 Straight Pop-up Banner
Curved 3x3 Pop Up
3x3 Curved Pop-up Banner
Curved 2x3 Pop Up
2x3 Curved Pop-Up Banner
3x3 Curved Pop-up Banner
Curved 3x3 Pop Up
3x3 Curved Pop-up Banner
Curved 3x3 Pop Up
3x3 Curved Pop-up Banner

Our Clients

Dubai's Leading Brands

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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been working with BrandStorm for almost 3 years. They have been a great support to our retail business. They are always helpful and knowledgeable.

I appreciate their honesty, true workmanship and mostly their flexibility in always taking my last minute requests or changes to print requirements.

Their team is always available and will not let you down. BrandStorm will go the last mile for their customers and I couldn’t recommend them enough for their good performance, quality assurance and value for money services.

Lina El Zein
Head of Marketing, Mercurius International Proud franchisee of JYSK UAE

The BrandStorm team and their dedication, support and the quality of their work is unparalleled.

We’ve worked together on projects both large and small, nothing is too much for Nadim and his team. If there is a way to execute an animation, they’ll find it and for the best possible cost!

Their team is always available to assist with any design queries and have helped us execute complicated concepts with minimal follow up. We greatly appreciate the caliber of their work, attention to detail and prompt, friendly service.

Saleeha Butt
regional visual merchandiser - Apparel, Chalhoub group retail

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