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Facebook Advertising — Campaigns That Click!

Going by the total number of active users per day, Facebook comes out on the top of social media platforms. If you are struggling to get more business online or you are just beginning to take your business online, Facebook is perhaps the most powerful marketing database you can leverage.

  • Billions of everyday users in every part of the world
  • Target audience from any demographic, age and gender
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Build customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase visitors and get more leads
  • Skyrocket your sales conversions
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Advertising Services

A reputed and professional Facebook advertising service provider in Dubai like BrandStorm can save you hundreds of man-hours that go into learning and perfecting the art of advertising on Facebook.

As a leading Facebook advertising agency in UAE we work with clients across niches and sectors, unlocking the power of Facebook and social media advertising for their business. We can do the same for you.

Here are some compelling reasons for your business to use Facebook advertising services:

  • Effective reach
  • Rapid results
  • Ideal audience segment
  • Evolving features and tracking statistics

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads get displayed prominently to users who are already members of the platform. Unlike other ad formats, users can see them even without having to search for similar products or services.

  • Take complete charge of your budget with pre-paid advertising
  • Target precise audience based on interests, career and history
  • Location-based user profiling for local businesses

With the right Facebook ads management services in Abu Dhabi, you can create wonders for your business.

Our team at BrandStorm is here to help you leverage Facebook advertising in the most effective ways. We understand Facebook’s advertising policies inside and out, so your campaigns are assured to always stay aligned with their best practices.

Battle-Tested Facebook Marketing Services

BrandStorm’s team of social media marketingPPC advertising experts come from a rich experience in creating and leading countless successful ad campaigns. Our seasoned professionals paired with industry-leading tools get you a powerful edge that lets you outshine the competition on world’s largest social media platform!

Our Facebook Advertising services include:

Audience Tracking

Laser-focused targeting to maximize ad spend

Starting point for getting new customers into your sales funnels

Call Tracking

Everything is quantified and recorded for database analytics

Get invaluable information on every CTA action performed by the user

Ad Copy and Images

Attractive sales copies that pull casual visitors to your ads

Get more organic traction in limited budget

Multiple Ad

Scale and save time with multiple high-performing campaigns

Target different audiences with multiple ad sets

Weekly Monitoring & Maintenance

Data-based monitoring that shows what’s working the best for your ads

Get great ROI with our proactive customizations

Monthly performance reports

Clear and open communication on every step of the progress

Be in control of your campaigns and ad spends

The best ads drive real business results, but they also delight people. Partner With Us Today!  

Join the long list of our happy and satisfied clients. Let’s chat about how we can make it happen for you!

Want to Take Charge of Your Lead Generation & Social Presence?

Select from our Facebook ad management packages and watch your business get on the next level of lead generation — that’s our promise!

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