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Technical SEO Services for Peak Website Performance

Great website content and social media presence can prove to be useless without a powerful technical foundation for your website. With a reputed technical SEO agency in Dubai by our side, you can have unbelievable exposure online, without running ads consistently. That’s who we are — BrandStorm, the technical SEO agency of choice for hundreds of businesses across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE.

Our clients rely on us to:

  • Banish deep-seated technical issues from their site
  • Stay in the good books of search engines
  • Receive more organic traffic
  • Make big savings on ad costs
  • Benefit from powerful lead generation
  • Delight customers with a faster loading website

Our technical SEO services are designed to identify and weed out all the fundamental flaws in your website, ranging from the basic design to the deeper aspects that make it perform poorly.


Wondering What is Technical SEO & Its Benefits?

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s technical aspects that clear the way for search engine algorithms to find and index your site easily. Our technical SEO agency makes sure your website gets noticed by search engines and hence, attract free, organic traffic.

  • Crawlers have an easier time indexing your site
  • Algorithms can recognize and recommend it to viewers
  • Your site ranks higher and more people can see it

Our Technical SEO Services

A plethora of large and minute technical modifications are performed for the website’s forefront and the backend. The team of technical experts at BrandStorm, the leading technical SEO company in the UAE, perform a step-by-step process that optimizes your complete online system. 

Here’s what comes under technical SEO services:

Website Audit

Our digital marketing services Dubai have been trusted by hundreds of clients.

Identifying opportunities in theme, design and crawl errors

Load speed analysis

Issues with the website content, metadata and descriptions

Faulty pages, backlinks and 404 errors

On-page SEO checks

The important criteria that Google search engine evaluates in their rankings are page titles and Meta descriptions.

We provide you with granular improvement ideas

You implement the ideas

Your rankings are growing

Speed Enhancements

A slow-loading website irritates the viewers and they often lose the patience to even stay, let alone buy from it. This is why we get your site up to speed with:

Site speed checks and root-cause-analysis

Professional optimizations with industry-leading software and modifications

Mobile optimizations and bounce rate improvements

Content Delivery Network management

Competitor Research

Oftentimes, you can find the best practices from your completion by reviewing their systems and understanding what works for them.

Content analysis and keyword research

Ad campaign and SEO strategy reviews

Social Media analysis

Backlinks checks

Image Optimization

While everyone from the audience to Google love images, they can have an adverse effect if not optimized.

File format changes

Compressions and size reductions

Resizing and scaling

Updating and removing faulty images

Schema Markup

Structured data or Schema assists search engines in rightly identifying pages from one another.

Ease of access for search engines

Enhances product visibility

Richer experience for viewers

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